Tom Sweeney

Tom Sweeney is a balladeer, songwriter and storyteller from Omagh, County Tyrone and a genuine ‘rarity’ in the field of Irish singing. 

Along with brother, Jimmy, the late Donegal fiddle player, P.V.O’Donnell, and fellow Omagh man, Brian Doherty, Tom founded the musical collective known as Barley Bree. He then spent nearly twenty years in Nova Scotia, Canada plying his musical trade.

"The gift of telling a story is an ancient art..."


Live Music

Tom has extensively toured Ireland, USA and Canada. In 1998 he accepted a personal invitation by then president, Bill Clinton, to perform his song 'Anthem for the Children' in the White House.

His audiences range from four and five year-olds right up to the thousands who regularly attend his performances on the stages of the U.S. and Canada’s premier Irish music festivals.


"Lyrics and melody are everything..."


Albums & CDs

Tom has an extensive back-catalogue of recorded music and continues to release albums for children and adults alike.  

His latest releases can be found on iTunes, or purchased as CDs directly from his online shop

"I am the Mountainy Singer..."


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