Spring Is Coming - March Update

Hello Friends. I’ve finally gotten around to updating the website! I hope you are all well and looking forward to the Spring and Summer. The weather here in Ireland for the past week or so has been truly Baltic with the Beast From The East covering the country in snow originating in Siberia! However, things are on the turn and it looks like Spring is almost here. We hope!


Tom Sweeney Music.JPG

It’s around this time of the year that I begin my annual visits to Primary/Elementary schools all over the country and beginning last week they will take me up to the end of the school year in June. This is my 30th year writing, performing and recording songs and stories for children and it is still a very enjoyable and rewarding part of my musical life. I have noticed a big increase from young men and women who I shared songs within their childhood asking me to offer wedding, engagement and birthday greetings to them and their friends. It’s nice to know they remember myself and the songs! Hopefully, I’ll be sharing the fun with your children or grandchildren as I take to the road between now and June!


On Tuesday, May 1 st I will be performing songs, ballads, poems and stories of a historical nature for the Ballinascreen Historical Society at the Shepherd’s Rest, a beautiful location in the Sperrin mountains. Ballinascreen is the old name for the town of Draperstown, Co. Derry, an area steeped in a rich legacy of history and folklore. I look forward very much to sharing the words and music with the good folks there and listening to their stories and songs as well.


Thistle & Shamrock-1.jpg

I’m delighted to say that my ‘Thistle And Shamrock’ musical tour of Ireland and Scotland in September has sold out. Sharing the beauty of landscape, music, history and folklore on our coach tours is something I really love doing and this year’s trip from September 21st -30th is going to be magical! Many thanks to all who have signed up and Peter Clarke from Brack Tours will be at the wheel once again with his wit and wisdom every mile of the way!

Peter and Nuala from Brack Tours and myself are putting together our tour for next year at the moment and once it is finalised we will post it and keep everyone up to date.


I continue to write songs on a regular basis and am planning an album of my own compositions for release later this year. It’s hard to know what to leave in and out!


May I take this opportunity to wish people everywhere a special and blessed St. Patrick’s Day in 2018 and thanks to those who stay in touch regularly throughout the year.




Tom Sweeney