Now available on iTunes

For the first time all my recordings are available on iTunes! So get browsing for your favourite tracks. You can still orderCDs if you prefer. There are Irish folk song albums,  songs and stories for children, albums of famous Irish poems with music and much more.

Don't forget to stay in touch and say hello by e-mail or facebook when you get the time! Pleased to announce the release of my first studio folk album for a number of years. It is called 'The Further I Travel' and will be available from the end of June 2016! Songs include 'The Tavern', 'Seven Daffodils', 'My Land Of Devotion', 'The Mucky Kid', 'Safe In The Harbour', 'The Question And The Answer', Four Strong Winds', 'A Night In Summer', 'My Fair Maiden City',  'Silk And Steel (Dublin 1916)' and 'Sometimes'.

I will have the new cd available during my US and Canadian dates later in the year. It will also be available for download on I Tunes.

Chris Colton